Greta Thunberg once told us to panic as though our house is on fire and I really liked that analogy. Throughout our lives we are always told not to panic and stay calm in stressful situations. The truth is that there is nothing calm about climate change. Greta is right…I think we should respond to climate change with panic and urgency. After all, planet Earth is in flames.

I believe solving or addressing the climate issue is something every single person on this planet has to get on board with at some point in their lives. Climate action is not targeted at the rich, the poor, adults, those who like nature, or have a geography degree. There are no borders or barriers…its a mutual issue. I stand by the fact that we can manage the effects through both adaptation and mitigation. The transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle is so simple and effective and this is something I want to emphasise on this platform.

I set up The Climate Issue blog platform in 2015 straight after COP21 where the Paris Climate Agreement was signed by 185 countries. This is when I realised how much a threat climate change was going to be in the future. I wrote my first article on the UN Climate Change Conference and have continued writing over the last 6 years about the key environmental and political issues we face with climate change. I have now taken this to the next level and created my own digital magazine where amongst factual articles, I want to emphasise how we can become eco-friendly.  I want my readers to learn something when they finish reading each issue and endeavour to try something new as a result. 

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