How can we use plastic to solve homelessness?

Plastic bags and plastic packaging have been household items for years. We created the plastic bag and have consequently depended on it for decades. We are now drowning in it. It has become dangerous to our wildlife, difficult to recycle and causes blockages in local drainage systems of developing countries. How could such an innovativeContinue reading “How can we use plastic to solve homelessness?”

30 Day Social Media Detox: My Observations

Most people won’t acknowledge their unnecessary attachment to social media and the unhealthy obsessive habit it has created. For me, social media has been a huge part of my life; in 2007 I created my MSN account, 3 years later in 2010 I entered the world of Facebook, and now, well I can’t imagine aContinue reading “30 Day Social Media Detox: My Observations”

Why are Mangroves Important?

Mangroves are commonly described as the ‘forests of the sea’, owed to their roots being submerged in water, whilst adapted to thrive in both freshwater and saline conditions. Due to their ability to withstand challenging conditions such as storm surges and tidal influxes, mangroves are the second most biodiverse ecosystem after the coral reef system;Continue reading “Why are Mangroves Important?”

Why is climate change always referred to in future tense?

JANUARY 2019 As it stands, it is not the case that climate change will be a future threat to our Planet. This ‘threat’ is already happening and will continue to do so in many unimaginable ways. A point I think should be emphasised is that climate change is always referred to in future tense. For example: “it willContinue reading “Why is climate change always referred to in future tense?”

Is the Covid-19 outbreak a wake up call for the climate crisis and changing habits?

MAY 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives. It has disrupted our daily routines, caused widespread anxiety, sickness and death.  Governments around the world have responded, each in their own ways,  by taking unprecedented steps to shut down entire cities, encouraging work from home, banning  unnecessary travel and closing borders to slow the spread.Continue reading “Is the Covid-19 outbreak a wake up call for the climate crisis and changing habits?”